In all areas. And I know wedding planning is stressful in an easy year. But this year it has been exceptionally difficult. I wanted to create a quick blog post to give you my thoughts as a wedding professional on whether you should get married this year or not. Weird blog post, huh? But hear me out. Here are all my thoughts on 2020 wedding planning right now and some ideas may surprise you, but it may help you in your wedding planning journey this year.

To get married or not?

Yes! As a wedding professional and a person who got married twice ;) I say get married if you want to!

How can you do this? Here's a few ideas.

  1. Have a very small intimate wedding this year and have a big reception next year. Invite only close family and do it in your backyard, at church, in your living room, doesn't matter - love is everywhere! And then celebrate next year by re-creating your whole "big day" with the ceremony, dinner, reception, the whole to-do, or just have a fun celebration and reception style where you where your pretty attire. Either way you get two big days!
  2. Elope. This gives you the same type of options as two weddings like mentioned above but it lets you let your adventurous sides out. Go see some scenery or elope somewhere special to the both of you.
  3. Live stream your big day. If you want to plan ahead with your big day as originally planned, go ahead! Live stream your big day to those who can't attend. A lot of DJ and videographers are now offering this service and it isn't something to quickly overlook if you want to tie the knot this year!
  4. Have a destination wedding. Similar to eloping, choose a few close family and friends and go somewhere where you're comfortable traveling and have the ceremony there. You could have a celebration next year or live stream it and incorporate those options listed above.
  5. Get married but keep it a secret until your big day. Choose option 1 but keep it super small. Then no one will feel like they're missing out on being at your big day and you'll (in private) get to have two big days where everyone can celebrate. And just think... you'll have two anniversaries forever; one special more private one, and one public and flashy one! ;)
  • Side note: those with the love language of "receiving gifts" love having two weddings because that means two anniversaries ;)

What if we don't want to get married this year?

By no means am I saying you should get married this year if you don't want to move forward with your wedding plans, or do anything you're uncomfortable doing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wait/postpone until next year when hopefully things are a little easier in the wedding planning arena. Here's a few ideas to do something special this year to keep your mind off of delaying the wedding.

  1. Do something special or take a trip together. If you can and are comfortable, take a small trip together, somewhere special or even host a romantic stay-cation. If you don't want to overnight it, host a nice dinner in with movies and treats.
  2. Exchange pre-vows. Don't completely spoil your vows from the big day if you already wrote them, but have a nice sit down and read practice or vows that you may not include on the big day. Speak kind words to one another and remind yourselves that this all will get easier and in the end, you'll be married and live happily ever after. And don't you forget that part! :)
  3. Exchange gifts or letters. Kind of like number two, write sweet notes of love to one another. Or get a sweet gift to give as a small token of your love and appreciation for one another during these stressful times. A watch, bracelet, necklace, etc. are all great keepsakes.
  4. Plan an epic honeymoon or something fun for next year. A small silver lining in delaying wedding plans is that it gives you more time to save. Take your honey moon funds from this year and keep growing them and maybe take two trips next year because you deserve it! Or change your honeymoon plans to include two locations, change the location to somewhere you've always dreamed of. You could even make a goal to double the honeymoon budget and you'll have a sweeeeeeeet vacay for yourselves!

What other fun things can you do to still celebrate your love this year even though you're not tying the knot until next year? Or if you are getting married this year, how are you executing it all? I'd love to know!

I hope this helps you in your wedding planning! I'm sending you all the rid-COVID and positive, happy wedding planning vibes! Let me know here if you have any other tips I should add to this blog! I'd love the chance to feature and celebrate you and your wedding plans on my social platforms so please feel free to reach out!


Bailey B.

Bailey Batishev Photography