5 Must Ask Questions to Your Wedding Photographer

Here are some of my most asked questions as a wedding photographer, and some that I don't get asked that I kinda wish I did! Make sure you ask all the questions you want answered before choosing your wedding photographer. You want to make sure you get along and "vibe" with all of your wedding day vendors, but your photo and video team will be with you all throughout the day, so you want to make sure you can trust them throughout the entire process.

1) When and how will you get your photos?

Some photographers only offer print packages, some photographers only offer digital packages and some offer both. Make sure whatever it is you're looking for is something that you can get with your photographer. Another part is when... Will they be sending you a sneak peek gallery to view while the editing process continues?

Side note -> I send all my couples a sneak peek gallery after their wedding day. Not just a picture or two, a whole mini gallery for them to view while I continue the rest of the gallery.

Make sure you're patient with your photographer because they work hard at creating those images to be just perfect for you, but you want to know the timeline as well.

2) This one's kind of not a question but an option for you. What is their editing style?

Some people prefer dark and moody edits, some people prefer light and airy. Whatever style you like make sure you look at photographers that continuously provide that. Check their Facebook, Instagram and website to see what their style is. Pick a photographer based on the style you prefer so you don't have to ask them to edit any particular way and take the risk of being disappointed because it's not their normal work.

3) Can you request specific shots?

Some photographers work off of their own shot list, some work off of your shot list, some do a mix of both. Just make sure you're able to get all the photos taken on your big day that you want.

4) How many hours will you provide on the wedding day?

This is a great question to ask your photographer because they will be able to hear your desires and what you're looking for out of your wedding photos, and build you a timeline accordingly. Once you know your timeline, you can plan the photography coverage.

Side note --> Need help planning your timeline? Send me an email and I'd love to help or check out some other blog posts on timeline planning!

5) How will you get pictures of both the bride and the groom?

Some photographers will include a second photographer so they can "be" two places at once, but sometimes that's not included. If it's not and it's important to you, see about adding a second photographer on to your package! It ensures you get all the fun moments of the groom and brides side. :)

What other questions do you want to ask your photographer? I hope this gives you a helping hand in starting the journey to picking out the perfect photographer for your big day.