First Blog Post at Bailey Batishev Photography!

Hey there!

I'm so excited to finally be back on the blog! Eekkkk. This is something that I've been meaning to get better about doing so I'm super exited to be back in action over here!

If you've been following me for awhile you know that I used to be the bomb (okay maybe not the bomb, but you get the point) at blogging but then I stopped. I wish there was a better story behind it but there isn't. Lol!


If we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, allow me to introduce myself.

It's me!

Hey there! My name is Bailey Batishev, if you didn't already know. ;) I'm a wife, a dog mom, a huge travel enthusiast and as you may have already seen, a Christmas FANATIC.

I fell in love with photography a few years back, but I've always loved the stories that photos told. Ever since I was young I was always intrigued with taking others photos. I just loved how you could truly make memories last forever. After loosing my Grandfather, I realized even more how important photos were in my life. I then decided that I wanted to share family memories with others, so that they could cherish them forever. I know just how important photographs can be; we are able to go back and remember the laughs, the cries and the feelings that we felt in that exact moment.

I love to be apart of family's journeys whether it be welcoming their first baby, celebrating love, doesn't matter. I love love and I love being apart of such special and important memories and milestones.

I hope we'll get the chance to work together or to hang out here virtually! ;)

So stay tuned for weekly inspiration, session galleries, wedding and session planning tips and so much more!

I'm so ready to kick this off and appreciate you taking the time to tune in here.

Stay tuned, every Monday I'll be coming at you with a new blog post so check back here each week or sign up for my email newsletter to make sure you're always in the know.

Appreciate you reading.


Bailey B.

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