4 Benefits to Doing a First Look on Your Wedding Day

If you're wedding planning, you're probably really looking forward to seeing your significant other on the big day. But how long can you wait? Or do you even want to? ;)

There is no right or wrong answer for having a first look on your wedding day or not, it's totally up to the both of you. But to help you decide, I made four top benefits, in my opinion, to having a first look.

Q: What is a first look?

A: A first look is a few moments taken out of the wedding day, prior to the ceremony where you can see your significant other for the first time and enjoy that moment to yourselves or with a few others. Instead of seeing your soon to be spouse at the alter during the ceremony, you would see them during your first look instead.

Bonus: You can also do first looks with family members! It's just as special. Example: moms, dads, grandparents, etc.

The Benefits of Doing a First Look

  1. It's an intimate moment for the two of you. A first look is a great option if you want it to be just the two of you when you see each other for the first time, versus everyone seeing you see each other when you get to the alter.
  2. It's the perfect place for emotions. You can have a moment just the two of you and if you get emotional, which you probably will ;), it will be between just the two of you. Which creates time for makeup touch ups, ladies! You can also read each other your vows during this time if you don't want to read them in front of your entire audience. Which will probably cue the tears again, but that's okay ;)
  3. It calms your nerves. There tends to be a lot of pressure when going up to the alter and seeing one another for the first time, in front of everyone. When you do a first look and you get to see each other beforehand, you tend to feel less pressure when you're walking down the aisle. You're also in it "together" now because you've seen each other already and can focus more on being excited to be married, versus being anxious to see your significant other for the first time.
  4. It allows for more pictures before the ceremony. Since you've seen one another, you can get a lot of the portraits, bridal party, and family photos done before the ceremony, so afterwards you can go straight into your reception and have more time to spend with your guests.

Bonus: You could do things like this in a first look ;) I mean, you totally can do this at the alter too. Up to you!

Will you do a first look?

These are some of my benefits for having a first look, but like I said, there is no right or wrong answer here and no matter what, your wedding day will be special and perfect for the two of you!

What do you think - will you do a first look? Did you do one and loved it? Wish you would have done one? What other benefits do you think there are for having a first look? Let me know! :)